Become a Wildland Firefighter Guardian


For a small donation of $40, you will be assisting Wildland Firefighters across the United States. Your donation will be used to equip Wildland Firefighters with the tools and resources needed to perform their job, safely, so they can go home to their loved ones. Some of these items include advanced trauma kits, chainsaws, biometric bracelets, and wildland boots.


With your $40 donation you will receive the following rewards -

·      Invitation to the WFGI’s yearly Friends and Family Event

·      Newsletter- What WFGI has been up to and how your donations are assisting.

·      1 WFGI window decal

·      1 T-shirt (Either Tan WFGI or Black Thin Red Line)

·      Certificate acknowledging you as an official Wildland Firefighter Guardian