After the deaths of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots on June 30th 2013 at the Yarnell Hill Fire the need for new fire shelters was apparent. The current fire shelters, the last resort for a Wildland Firefighter’s survival failed the Granite Mountain crew, because it could not hold up to the direct contact of the flames from the wildfire. The fire shelter could not withstand the extreme temperature of the fire and in most cases it disintegrated. NASA saw an opportunity to save Wildland Firefighter lives and has built a protype for a new fire shelter. Click here to read more


A new NASA artificial intelligence system named AUDREY can track an entire team of firefighters, sending relevant signals to individuals while helping to make recommendations for how they could work together. For further reading please click the following link: A.I. could be a firefighter’s “Guardian Angel”

NASA using space equipment to test new fire shelters