Goodwin Fire

** This post was originally published on July 26, 2017 **

Deborah Pfingston worked with Walmart to provide the firefighters on the Goodwin Fire in Prescott, Arizona with bandanas.

WFGI had heard that the Goodwin Fire near Prescott, AZ was Arizona’s top priority. Governor Doug Ducey had declared a State of Emergency, which freed up $200,000. FEMA grants additionally helped to fight this fire.

As resources were pouring in to help suppress this fire. WFGI took it upon themselves to reach out to all of the firefighters deployed to the Goodwin Fire. In addition to reporting information to firefighters’ families concerning their firefighter, WFGI provided over 830 bandanas to the firefighters.

Typically, firefighters carry 2 or 3 bandanas with them on the fire line. They use them to collect sweat at their brow under their helmets and to wipe their hands clean. The bandanas quickly become soiled through the heavy use.

Below you will find a video compilation of pictures of WFGI purchasing the bandanas up through the distribution at the Goodwin Fire Incident Command Post.

We received great feedback from our gift to the firefighters. Not just from the firefighters’ themselves, but also from their spouses, and their families. One firefighter wife wrote to us saying that her husband was very excited to show off the bandana that he got from WFGI to her and their kids during his two day R&R. She was touched to know that there are people out there who care enough for her husband to make him smile with something as simple as a bandana.

This morale boost was a success.