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Wildland Firefighter safety is of the utmost importance to our organization. We champion firefighter safety through independent investigations, education, and real life support for firefighters, families, and the fire community. Truth-Transparency-Accountability- Change, the future for wildland firefighter safety is now.



The Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute (WFGI) conducts research and analysis on fatalities, injuries, human factors, equipment, and technology. We are a Wildland Firefighter Watch Dog Group where anyone can report to us anonymously to seek positive change in wildland firefighting practices. We offer scholarships for safety investigation programs and courses, through donations to related wildland fire programs. We are an advocate for an accredited School of Wildland Fire at community colleges and universities to teach fire courses, and assist the future firefighters who seek to major in Wildland Fire Science. We reach out to local communities to teach how wildland fire affects them, and the importance of defensible space. The WFGI includes educating city leaders on the importance of wildland crews, defensible space, and their civil responsibilities to their citizens. We speak to Home Owner Associations on the importance of having defensible space, and planning and maintaining a Fire Evacuation Plan. The WFGI provides equipment to wildland crews when their agency has failed to do so, or when it financially cannot, an example would be Advance Trauma Kits- which includes a tourniquet- to a wildland crew's chainsaw teams.

The WFGI understands that firefighting is an inherently dangerous, physically and mentally demanding profession. We know- because we've been there- that work related stress and anxiety can affect a marriage, and everything at home. We provide, at no cost to the wildland firefighter, mental health resources- whether that is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or counselling sessions with a Psychiatrist, counselor, or Chaplain. If you or your loved one is experiencing PTSD or work stress/anxiety please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Bradley at

WFGI was featured on "Returning the Favor" with Mike Rowe!


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